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Our Story

Just Like You Dolls is a Family Owned, Small Business that is trying to Bring diversity into the Toy industry and joy into children’s lives and when we say Family we really mean it.

Our beautiful daughter Bella was born in July 2012 with a Moderate to Profound Hearing Loss and at 9 months old Received her First Cochlear Implant. Bella has always had a fascination with dolls and for years we searched for a doll that was ‘just like her’. We knew a relatable doll would help Bella to understand her devices better and help with device compliance, it would help her with self-confidence and feeling included within her community.

After 2 years of not being able to find a doll for Bella, we decided to create our own, although that doll was very different to the dolls we sell today, it was that very doll and the love that Bella had for her that inspired us to create Just Like You Dolls.

We soon realised that we needed to help more than just children with Cochlear Implants. We have expanded our Range to include a variety of Hearing Device, Glasses, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Venous Access, Mobility Devices, Orthotics, Oxygen Devices and Superficial Skin Alterations.

Dolls help children to develop imagination, creativity, social skills and empathy. But a relatable doll promotes inclusion, reduces loneliness, is a best friend to take to procedures, promotes device compliance and care, education throughout the community, builds self-confidence and most of all creates hours of endless fun for children that haven’t had the easiest start to life. 

"At Just Like You Dolls we know life can be challenging and we believe the most comforting thing is to know that you aren't alone."

Read what some of our customers are saying

Our daughter, Chloe, was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss at 3.5 years. She wore hearing aids in both ears up until January 2019, when she received her cochlear implant in her right ear.
We gave Chloe her very own Just Like You Doll for her 6th Birthday in January (3 days after her “switch on” date).
She absolutely loves having a baby doll to play with that has a cochlear implant in her right ear & a hearing aid in her left - just like Chloe.
She removes the doll’s hearing devices at night time when she goes to bed - just like Chloe, then puts them back on in the morning -just like Chloe.
We also gifted Chloe’s preschool last year with a Just Like You Doll for a goodbye present - in a way for them to share Chloe’s story & raise awareness for children with hearing loss.
Thank you very much. You are an amazing little business that is bringing smiles to loads of children & family’s faces


A huge Thank you for the awesome service you provide to children. My daughter received her Doll this morning as a surprise gift for wearing both hearing aids all day for the last few weeks straight. She was so excited to see the pink aids that are just like hers on her new dolly she named JoJo!!


Thank you for my daughters doll! She has help immensely with anxiety surrounding her central line dressing changes. While we do her dressing, she changes her baby’s dressing. It’s a great distraction & is really helping her cope


This is a picture of my son unboxing his doll with hearing aids on Christmas Day,
He was so excited that the doll had hearing aids and kept taking them off and on and laughing, he was already good with wearing them but now every morning when we go to put his aids in, he runs to his doll and does the same with it. Thank you so much for being an amazing company.


Amazing dolls my 18month old loves it points to her peg and then points at her own. it is loved by everyone that has seen it such an amazing idea and such great quality.


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